Rest and Return

We’re all tired these days, all fatigued, worn out, worn down by the constant barrage of injury and outrage and negligence and injustice that comes at us hour by hour, minute by minute, turning small days into long years. There is no one among us who doesn’t feel the need for a break from literally everything. There is no one who doesn’t long for a long cease fire, for permanent peace of mind.

And breaks are more necessary than ever in these times. We need rest in order to sustain ourselves. I’ve taken to scheduling time outs for myself and being strict about what I won’t participate in during these breaks. Time outs are for loosening, letting go, for giving in to love, to beauty, to joy, for remembering what it is about this life that’s worth fighting for.

But then, always, I return. If you follow me on social media, you know that nearly every day I share something that’s happening in the world, or a call to action, or an article, photo, video meant to give one pause. Since there is so much coming at us every day, I try to highlight those things that seem important for making sense of our current situation or that might inspire us to each do our own small part in working toward a better world for all of us.

I’m sure that sometimes those who follow my accounts also need a break from those streams of mine, and breaks, as I began by saying, are necessary and healthy. But after you take that time out, once you feel your energy return, be sure to come back. Don’t turn away for good.

Don’t leave all the worlds’ problem solving in others’ hands. We only get the world we want by staying engaged in the fight to make it so.

There are now fewer than 100 days left until what some are calling the most consequential elections of our lifetime. We are all needed in this fight. Every one of us must continue to pay attention to all that’s taking place daily so that we can find those opportunities to turn things around and so that one day, finally, we will be able to collectively exhale and relax.

There is no shortage of battles to be waged at every level, from our federal government all the way down to our individual neighborhoods and households. There is no effort that is too small (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) when working for health, safety, justice, and equality. Every single one of us has valuable skills we bring to this table. We only need to keep showing up, to never quit.

One thought on “Rest and Return

  1. Karen, As a fellow Floridian, I feel your pain. My facebook voice sometimes reverberates back on me, and I get weary of hearing it. But I hope my words resonate with someone who takes action. Rest well, then carry on.

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