Editing Services

Your words belong to you.

That’s my editing philosophy in a nutshell.

I’m an editor, but I’m also a writer, so I know how important your words are to you, particularly if you’re a creative writer. Perhaps you’ve experienced the pain of an editor slicing through your paragraphs, removing their heart and soul. I will never do that to your writing. As an editor, my philosophy is to make recommendations rather than revisions. You are the author. You’re entitled to have the last word.

I also realize that sometimes people have great ideas that they can’t quite put into the right words. I’m here to help you sound great. I can suggest rewrites, and I’ll work with you to help you express exactly what you want to say.

I offer copyediting services to writers in all genres. Copyediting means I correct basic errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation; flag misused words and suggest alternatives; ensure a consistent style and format throughout your manuscript; point out problems with clarity and sense; and cross-check tables, figures, and other features with their mentions in the text. If you’d like help with rewrites, I can work with you in a more collaborative way as well.

Please read about pricing to learn more. Some of my previous editing projects can be found here.

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