Season of Reading

Since 2016, I've made a "commitment" at the beginning of each year to read fifty books. And if you assumed that I put that word in quotes because I haven't managed to fulfill my promise to myself, you are correct. This year it's been particularly difficult for me to focus on reading whole books. Between … Continue reading Season of Reading

Re-Creation of History

I came across a thread on Twitter the other day by a history teacher named Seth Cotlar that I can't stop thinking about. Here's how the thread begins: The conservative freak out about the 1619 Project (of which Cotton is just the latest example) is not about history. It's about memory; about what parts of … Continue reading Re-Creation of History

Rest and Return

We're all tired these days, all fatigued, worn out, worn down by the constant barrage of injury and outrage and negligence and injustice that comes at us hour by hour, minute by minute, turning small days into long years. There is no one among us who doesn't feel the need for a break from literally … Continue reading Rest and Return