These Are The Days

Photo by Lee Cannon via Flickr

Now that the kids are back at school, this mama is getting back into the writing groove. I spent some time on Monday laying out a schedule for myself that should hopefully take me through the winter holidays. It has me busy from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Of course, all of that isn’t writing time. My “day job” of caring for and supporting my family comes first. So, there’s time scheduled for getting kids off to school, assisting them with homework, dealing with after school activities, cooking dinner, and getting the kids to bed, not to mention a few hours tucked in to address the mess that is the house we live in. And, oh yeah, writing time, too. And time for all the stuff that goes along with writing, like trying to get finished pieces published and looking for paying gigs here and there.

I sent my schedule to my husband, who I must say has always been supportive of everything I do. I thought maybe if he saw on paper how jam packed my days are, he would better understand why I’m always so desperate to lock myself away whenever I can to write. I do think he gets that, but I also don’t think he’ll be riding in on a white horse to rescue me from my slavish schedule any time soon. His days are too full already.

And so I continue to pursue that elusive thing we call balance, that life where I theoretically have time for everything that’s important to me. And the important things do tend to get done, usually at the expense of the mess that is the house we live in. The schedule helps remind me that my writing is one of those important things, that it’s important enough to be scheduled. I try not to book anything else in it’s slot that’s not life-or-death important. The tables remain dusty and the backyard becomes a jungle for the dog to play in. She doesn’t seem to mind.

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